Do you own a Pet? Things to know about hygiene


Do you own a Pet? Things to know about hygiene

Do you own a Pet? Things to know about hygiene


Do you own a Pet? Things to know about hygiene. You are attached to your pets. You are a carpet enthusiast. Unfortunately, Carpet Cleaning is required because the two do not normally get along. Understanding how to remove pet stains from carpets is important information for dog and cat owners. Here’s what the carpet cleaning professionals at SKKS recommend for dealing with some of the most typical messes caused by your pets.

Injuries occur regardless of how skilled your hairy companion is. You must learn how to remove pet urine from the carpet. Clean up urine as soon as it touches the floor and while the carpet is still wet, if at all possible. The stench of urine will settle into the fabrics once it has dried.


To absorb the urine, use a towel or multiple layers of paper towels on the area. Place your weight on the towel so that it pushes into the carpet and absorbs as much pee as possible.


After that, combine two cups of vinegar, two cups of hot water, and four tablespoons of baking soda in a bowl.

Fill a spray bottle with the solution and spritz it on the dirty area.


Allow for five to ten minutes of sitting time.


Using a soft fabric, blot the spill.

For More Severe Stains


Directly on the discoloration, sprinkle baking soda.


Allow a 50/50 mixture of vinegar and water to sit on the area for 5 minutes.


Using a cloth, blot up the excess.

Vomit Removal from Carpet

Vomit’s acid can quickly stain a floor, so wipe it up as soon as possible.


Remove the larger chunks using a dustpan or scraper.


To remove excess moisture, blot with a towel.

Combine two cups of hot water, one tablespoon of salt, one tablespoon of liquid dish soap, and half a cup of vinegar in a bowl.

Dip a soft cloth or sponge into the mixture and wipe out the soiled area. Lightly blot.


To remove a stubborn stain, repeat the above steps a couple of times more.


Remove the cleanser with a clean cloth dipped in clean water while the stain is still visible. Using a towel, blot dry.

Another possibility:


In a bowl, combine half a cup of hydrogen peroxide with one teaspoon of liquid dish detergent.


In the dirty area, sprinkle baking soda.


Fill the baking soda and stain with the liquid solution.


Rub the area lightly with a soft bristled brush or material.


Allow 10 minutes for it to rest (longer if the vomit has dried.)


Using a towel, absorb as much liquid as possible before vacuuming the area.

You might repeat those techniques for a tough stain.



Leave it to the professionals.

When it comes down to it, there’s only so much you can do to protect your carpet from your beloved pet, which is where the professionals come in. With over 12 years of experience and a wide range of services such as Carpet Cleaning Services and House deep Cleaning Services, you can be confident that your carpet will receive only the best treatment possible.

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