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SKKS - Cleaning Services

SKKS - Cleaning Servicess

About Us

About Us

Providing Doorstep Cleaning Services for More Than 12 Years. Our Cleaning services is widely recognized for our commitment to serving our customers while staying friendly to the environment. We have a history of excellence and dedication to our clients through providing professional and high-quality Doorstep cleaning services across Delhi NCR .

Our Mission

“The weather in Delhi and NCR varies a lot. Sometimes it is harsh and sunny, sometimes, dusty, at times it gets too chilly and dry. Our mission is to give your automobile such a wash that gives consistent results in all types of weathers. We focus on both exterior and interior of your vehicle leave the customer satifistied and the vehicle fresh. ”

Our Vision

Our Vision “ The goal of Skks is to provide better-quality Customer overhaul and Excellent technicians. We understand your needs and act responsibility towards it. We are satisfied to see a similar shine in the eyes of the customer as that of a car washed at Skks. We value your vehicle and all our customers and therefore we are one of the best ranked car wash companies in Delhi and NCR.”.

Welcome to SKKS – Cleaning Services

We, started the business back in the year 2009, when the never ending love for cleaning our car turned into passion and eventually into a full grown business, so we started this as a doorstep car cleaning services,  so others could have the experience of someone else doing what they dread, CLEANING. After car cleaning services concept, our customers suggest us to start more cleaning services. In 2011 we started more services like , Sofa cleaning, Carpet cleaning, Home deep cleaning services, Sanitization services. Knowing what hectic lives that we live, cleaning takes a back seat from all the ciaos in our lives, therefor health issues begin to happen because we do not have the time to fully clean. A good percentage of health issues can be caused by pollen and dust lingering in our home.

SKKS had know idea how fast this company would expand after a year and a half was astonished to find how fast word of mouth traveled and now is even more excited to help others with the idea of a clean home is a happy home. There has been no stopping us since then, and every single day we have been growing exponentially.



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