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At Sanitization Services in Faridabad , we are a team of professionals who are here to provide effective timely solutions and trustworthy services​ ​to all kinds of Home Sanitization Services in Faridabad and Office Sanitization Services in Faridabad.
As a service providing company, we believe in delivering sanitization services to the community with utmost safety and cost efficiency to reach client expectations.

Earlier we provide only Hospital Disinfectant Services.
The demand of sanitization and disinfection services in Faridabad has been increased due to Novel Corona Outbreak.
Coronavirus disease also known as COVID-19 has been a pandemic. Proper sanitization and disinfection of surfaces will reduce the spreads of coronaviruses and other viruses, bacteria and germs. Sanitization or disinfection will also help in reducing and eliminating other harmful microorganisms. This will ensure for safety and protection from diseases like swine flu, bird flu, influenza, coronavirus disease, and diarrhea caused by microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses and germs.If you are looking for sanitization and disinfection services in Faridabad then again we will never disappoint you.
We are driven to providing you the highest standard of services, no matter, whether you wish to hire residential sanitization services in Faridabad or commercial sanitization or disinfection services in Faridabad.
We will always give you the best services at the price that you can afford.

Our services includes home disinfectant services, office sanitization services.


> Sanitize all areas of the house/office- corners & high touch surfaces

> Hospital grade chemicals used for best results, Kill disease- causing viruses and gems

> Service Team maintain social distancing, carry PPE kits & follow WHO guidelines on hygiene

>Need not vacate the premises during the service

>5+ years experienced professionals.

Material And Equipment We Use

1 Infektocide BR 502 High Level disinfectant for critical areas in hospital, pharmaceutical manufacturing etc.

2. Battery operated Spraying machine – for fumigation all the areas

3. Clean clothes – moping and wiping of entire floor

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  • Sanitization Services
Service Booking
90 to 120 minutes depending on the type of model (Hatchback, Sedan, Luv, SUV or Luxury)
team requirements Team Requirements
  1. To ensure this, Service team will leave out one room for your use which will be treated after the rest of the house is ready to use.
  2. All edible items should be kept away.
  3. Society permission, if required, needs to be taken beforehand by the client


safety precautions Safety Precautions
  • Chemical is 100% safe for kids, elderly people & pets
  • Service team fully Vaccinated
  • Team daily thermal checkup
  • At the time of cleaning service team wearing mask, cloves, shoe cover.
Terms & Conditions
  • Our Disinfectant treatment is a precautionary treatment and will disinfect only the premises.
  • Customer tell us, if there is or was any COVID patient at the residence

How is the Disinfection Service done ?

A fumigation machine is used to spread the chemical which kills harmful viruses and bacteria. This is followed by wiping the high-touch areas such as door handles, switch board etc with the chemical for complete sanitization.

Which all areas will be covered in the sanitization service ?

Entire area of the home or commercial space will be covered in the service. We do Covid and Non Covid area in home sanitization and office sanitization both.

What type of treatment is done of home Sanitization ?

Our disinfection treatment is a combination of misting the complete premise & spraying all critical touch points of your home with disinfectant spray machine. This combined treatment will ensure your complete home is sanitized and disinfected from harmful germs, bacteria and viruses.

Do I have to vacate the premises during disinfectant treatment ?

Our chemicals are 100% safe to use and there is no requirement for the client to vacate the premises during treatment.

Does the services eliminate viruses completely ?

This service will disinfect any contaminated surfaces in the house. The surfaces are safe as long as no further external contamination has happened to the surface. Precautions need to be taken though, to protect yourself and your family by following preventive measures like social distancing, washing hands frequently and following general hygiene practices.

How to do office sanitization ?

For office sanitization, our team will sanitize the office area, including chairs, workstations & high touch areas. After this they will wipe the furniture part.

What is car sanitization process ?

Our team will follow the safety measures includes, mask, gloves, and kit. They will sanitize the car from inside and outside.

  • We hired them for the home sanitization service. And trust me they have been a great saviour during this pandemic. Not only the service but the safety measures taken by them is amazing.

    Shishir Tyagi
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